“Wrought by Helen Rogers 1834”

I came across this needlework in a consignment store in Portland, Oregon. It details the marriage and children of Henry Rogers and Ann Slade.  Helen Rogers, their daughter, embroidered it as a girl in Ohio. I thought this was a little treasure that needed to find its way home. Helen Rogers did not have any descendants I could find. However, I was able to use internet message boards to locate a 4th great granddaughter of her sister Hortense, who is mentioned in the embroidered tree. She quickly called the store where I had seen it and had it shipped to her in Utah. No one knew about the little boy Byron, who died as a child. Ann Slade remarried after the early death of Henry, and had several more children. She died in Utah in 1872.


3 thoughts on ““Wrought by Helen Rogers 1834”

  1. I believe that some ancestors WANT to be found. This one certainly did and had some guardian angels along the way to ease the trip. Thank you for not only caring to do this but sharing the story.

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